Rem O'Donnelley - writer - photojournalist - Marin county, California


Rems Reports

Rem's work has appeared both in print and online publications

Rem has decades of experience in writing and photojournalism. He's written from the Middle East and has been published nationally in print and online. He has also covered regional events including the America's Cup and international events. He specializes in covering events in Marin County, California.

Some of his recent work can be seen here -

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Rem writes regularly for the Marinscope newspapers and has written for both and

Rem has reported from California, Colorado and as far away as Israel. In addition to his writing he has also been a correspondent over the phone to a Florida radio station where he gave reports from Egypt and Eritrea. Through his world traveling he has an understanding of global events. He also has a love of the weird and wonderful and enjoys sharing these unique slice of life events with others.